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Shoulder To Shoulder is our non-profit initiative that provides meals and services to those in need within the Cleveland, Ohio inner city.  Our meals are always "chef inspired" and we aim to create a feeling of unity vs. charity on every project we take on. 

We operate on 100% donations and volunteer services!


PayPal:  thatgirlchef1

Zelle or Apple Pay: 216-789-8541

To volunteer, please contact us.



Support African American women who are battling and surviving cancer by purchasing wigs for them!!!  The picture displayed is the current wig salon where there is only ONE wig for an African American woman.  Cancer is hard enough and dealing with hair loss from treatment is devastating.  Help these beautiful women regain their confidence again! 

 **Leave the name of your cancer survivor/memorium below if you would like!**

Community Service

2017 Summer Jam at 2100 Lakeside Men's Shelter

The Summer Jam is one of this groups favorite event!!  We provide the men with dinner and dessert, toiletries, free hair cuts, a DJ and other live entertainment!!!!

RAKE Brown Bag Event

Shoulder To Shoulder believes that all works for the good of the community are important.  We partner with other groups and non profits often to maximize on resources and time!!  On this day we partnered with R.A.K.E. and delivered brown bag lunches to shelters and domestic violence safe houses all over the city!!

Throwback - Cooking for Kyrie

As many of you know one of favorite clients was my little "Peanut", Kyrie Irving!!  Fun footage of his lunch prep with Danita Harris!

Meet Chef April Thompson:  The Busiest Chef In Cleveland

Marc Bona, wrote an amazing feature story on me earlier this year titled "Meet Chef April Thompson:  The Busiest Chef In Cleveland"  This is a video excerpt from his coverage of my cooking demo at the Hudson Library!

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