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Experience The Flavor of Creativity

Wild Thymez Personal Chef Service is owned and operated by Executive Chef, April Thompson.  

April Thompson has always danced to the beat of her own drum. Although born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, she knew that her big personality, her ambition would take her further than even she could ever imagine. After all, she is living her dream of being a chef, traveling and helping others. April has always been outspoken, aggressive and driven while being a nurturing, sensitive caretaker at the same time. Although unsure of exactly where she would land in the culinary world, she knew that she would do it her way and by any means necessary.

While balancing the task of being a personal chef for high profile professionals, top players in the NFL, NBA, MLB and several entertainment personalities, she is also the author of three cookbooks: My Kid Won’t Eat, Baby on a Budget and Cooking by Colors.  Since her retirement as a traveling personal chef in 2022, April has continued to focus on areas of health and wellness. Lillian's Bath House, (her line of natural, organic bath products), as well as her culinary comic book series "In The Kitchen w/Sadie and Simon" are keeping her more than busy. She is also partnering with the Cleveland Clinic Foundation developing nutrition and weight management programs. April's no nonsense approach to both her business and personal life has carved her place in the male dominated field of Culinary Arts and the corporate world as a whole, where she is highly respected as a powerhouse, mentor and consultant.

April is a recurring guest chef personality on Fox 8 News, News Channel 5, a variety of internet cooking and national sports shows and is recognized as an exemplary volunteer in her community. She is also a keynote speaker, filling seminars at NASA, various colleges and a host of health and wellness events around the world. April was also the first African American chef featured in the Quicken Loans/Aramark Launch Test Kitchen for the 2017-18 NBA Playoffs and Finals. She is an Inaugural Council Committee member for Cleveland Eats Culinary Festival and holds seats on both the Advisory and Steering Committees for the Cuyahoga Community College Hospitality Management Program and is a Chef Partner as well.   April adds to her accolades a seat on the Board of Directors, Ronald McDonald House of Cleveland and is also a Rise and Dine Chef for this organization. 

Another side of April is her giving spirit. She is the founder of Shoulder To Shoulder, a Cleveland based organization that provides healthy weekly meals for the less fortunate, sponsors families and shelters during the holidays and provides nutrition based education for inner city children thru cooking, social etiquette classes and growing indoor herbal gardens. With all of her achievements, her proudest accomplishment is simply being a mom. Her daughter graduated in May, 2016 from The Ohio State University with a Bachelors of Science in Human Ecology. She received her Masters of Public Administration in 2020 from Cleveland State University (summa cum laude) and is currently attending Cleveland-Marshall College of Law on a Barrister's scholarship.

When asked how she finds the time to handle all of her business ventures, clients, motherhood and charity work, April proudly replies; “I’m sure I don’t handle it perfectly but the best thing about my life is that there’s no “right or wrong” way to live it. No one has ever been ME so I get to create the blueprint.” With a never ending hunger for success and an energy level that would render others lifeless, the future is looking exceptionally bright for Ms. Thompson.

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